Users from your Travel Agency can log into the TA Finance Portal using the "Payport Application" link on the header section of the existing TA Portal.

  1. After you have logged-in at on the "Agency Top-Up" link on the blue header section of the TA Portal. 
  2. Clicking on the link will automatically redirect and log you into TA Finance Portal
  3. If you do not see the "Agency Top-Up" link as shown, then you can request for link access by sending an email to
  4. If you are able to see the "Agency Top-Up", but face any other issues in accessing the TA Finance Portal, please send an email to
  5. Once the credentials are created, you will be requested to change the password at the time of first login to TA Finance Portal.

After changing the password, you will be redirected to TA Finance Portal log in page.

Thereafter, you will be redirected to TA Finance Portal home page immediately on subsequent logins.