On clicking ‘New Request’ button a Top-up request form will be displayed.

  • All the Agency details will be auto-filled.
  • All the details pertaining to the Top-up needs to be filled before submitting the request.

Details to be entered in mandatory fields:

  1.  Sub-Type: Select the form of deposit (ATM Deposit, Cheque Payment, Bank Transfer, Direct Cash Deposit)
  2.  Purpose: Select the purpose of your Top-Up from the drop down menu (Regular Top-Up, Security Deposit for Visa/Pax Sales).
  3.  Bank Name: Select the flydubai Bank Name in which the funds are deposited.
  4.  Bank Account Number: Select the flydubai Bank Account number in which your funds are deposited.
  5.  Payment Date: Select the date on which the funds were deposited.
  6.  Payment Currency: Select the currency of deposited funds.
  7.  Payment Amount: Enter the deposit amount.
  8.  Document Reference: Enter deposit reference provided by the bank such as Cheque Number, Cash Deposit Reference, Swift reference number, etc.
  9.  Travel Agency Attachments: Attach your payment proof here, for example Cash Deposit Slip, ATM Deposit Slip, Swift Copy, etc.
  10.  Requester’s Comments: Enter your comments in this section.

Once the Top-Up request form is filled, you can click on ‘Create Request’ button to submit your request.